Working at Annmarie Gardens

Working at Annmarie Gardens

Photo of me at work at the Annmarie Sculpture Garden in Solomons, MD as part of the Living Gallery Exhibition which runs through March 24, 2013.


New Growth

Here are some very lovely photos of some old and new work taken by the wonderful Natalie Hofert . If you’d like to see them all, check them out here!

Branch Within (Inner Growth) Scrolls Acorn Cap Series Edges Kareha

Of Late

A very nice review in the Gusto section of the Buffalo News, about a recent show, Bounty, at Indigo Art. It was quite an honor to be in a show with so many respected artists.





Recently, as a participant in the Burchfield Penney’s Living Artist Legacy Program, I was interviewed by the Art Center and this is a link to said interview and my bio page on the Art Center’s website.




The wonderful Platte Clove Artist Residency that I was so lucky to be a part of this fall…and a sneak preview of some of the work I did there focusing on outdoor installations.

Uncommon threads show at Studio Hart this September, curated by Gerald Mead

Cover artist for the spring issue of Embroidery Magazine…

I’ve been selected as the cover artist for the spring issue of Fiber Art Now. Enjoy!


This week’s Artvoice, The Fall Arts Issue, features listings of all the upcoming arts events happening around Western, NY. There is a photo featuring my work, although my name is misspelled. Check it out here. Catch some of my work at the Art in Craft Media exhibition, in the Burchfield Penney Art Center, opening on October 15. The exhibition will run until January 15, 2012.

The Bay

The opening was great, and the show is still up and running through Jan 15. Get on over and see it!


Here I am.

Even the smallest dreams shouldn't slip away...

My name is Hillary and this is my art. I am all about creating beautiful things carefully and with regard for the planet. I try to use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials for my art, which has really defined what I do as an artist. Currently I am working with leaves as a primary material, which I coat in a non-toxic preservative and either cut them or stitch them to create delicate patterns which reflect the beauty of the natural world.  Enjoy!

The Tree