Hello, there! I have been so busy lately with working, traveling, and life in general. In lieu of posting photos of new work, which will be coming soon, I am posting some photos of my sketchbooks. I have just started to document them, as there is now close to a decades’ worth of doodles! The sketchbooks are important to me, I almost always have one on me. I keep ideas, sketches, memories, quotes that speak to me, ticket stubs, scraps of paper and fabric, photos…anything and everything. I hope you enjoy them!


_DSC5299 _DSC5301 _DSC5279 _DSC5298 _DSC5365 _DSC5359 _DSC5339 _DSC5304 _DSC5330 _DSC5377 _DSC5309 _DSC5321 _DSC5296


6 thoughts on “Summer

  1. LOVE this! Thanks for sharing since I know that the inside of a sketchbook can be very personal. It inspires me to actually use a proper sketchbook instead of old bits of torn paper scattered around my house 🙂

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